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JIN Natural WayThrough Dimensions

How to penetrate the natural dimension of the jinn is a method to penetrate the nature spirits. For people who are currently studying if the interior, this method is already common practice although sometimes the methods are different. This article is an excerpt from Idris Nawawi and I pick out a small portion with a little extra and reduction.

Many people who want to penetrate the nature spirits, or invite them. Apparently, in order to realize this dream is not easy work. There are stages that we have mastered, before we start the ritual through the nature spirits. As to whether it ...?

Through expert understanding of Al-Hikmah, indeed in the age melinium end today, it is very difficult to reach the peak of success in treating inner accurately. Why? Because in addition to that we live in an era full of worldly temptations that every time we always see and so charming, on the other factors also appreciation for the science of getting less support. Examples of the most complicated cases such as the hard to find a spiritual teacher. Plus more difficult to find places for quiet and peaceful retreat, for now almost all the places already crowded, so that inner peace we are easily distracted because of it.

In terms of confidence, enthusiasm and appreciation in terms of the supernatural in contemporary science increasingly shallow, and even tends to be underestimated. In fact, this is one factor in the tread of science is psychotherapy, which in turn often fail in the middle of the road.

In a sense, the key to mastering the basic nature of the supernatural variety consists of three parts: spirit and confidence, guidance counselor, and control hearts.


To launch into a supernatural, we are required to be kept vibrant by nature without feeling overwhelmed or compulsion. Spirit and meaning of this belief is divided into two things, namely that out of the mind or later transformed into a spirit, and that out of the intangible nature of the liver which then becomes conviction.

The spirit that is in the mind there is usually only on the surface or just born, and so on will be a failure, if this is not based on the existence of a strong belief in our hearts. For example, we are told to run fast and wirid for seven consecutive days. If we only have the spirit but do not have confidence, then we will hesitate and then will meet with failure. At first we were excited, but after serving two consecutive nights and fatigue and boredom began to be felt, then immediately our minds become confused, feeling tired, lazy, fearful, hungry, etc. will easily affect the organs of our body so that the intention of this fasting will cancel easy once we meet.

While "the spirit that comes out of the nature of the heart" or belief, will generally be maintained by a true supranaturalis. Therefore, a sense of responsibility to get to the end of its ritual precedence, so the air can be closed with a negative mind-dense tightly.


In understanding the science of the supernatural, the supervising teacher is important in determining the success of science for their students. Besides the teacher can point about a sense of beliefs, the teacher can also give the spirit so that the student will easily follow the trail or its teachings.


If a psychic can already understand the meaning of the spirit, confidence and appreciation of science given via bimbangan spiritualisnya teacher, then he had lived supranaturalis processing continues to control his own convictions with the sensitivity of heart that what he wanted would easily achieved.

Now, as a wider appreciation of science around the supernatural, the following authors will reveal the secrets of nature through the dimensions of the genie. Only, in the later explanation, the authors will describe the stages through the stages in order. The point is no less so for those who like to be a mystical world, could easily understand it. As to whether its stages? More ... This is the description:

Through understanding excerpted from the book of Wisdom Usulul Manba'u Bimuallif, by Imam Ali Albuny, described as follows:

That every human being who wants to meet or to go into nature jinn, so he must get past the first two of nature, namely: Alamul Ahmar and Alamul Abdul stagnant.

In addition to this, we must also understand the magical doors that we go through or we are going through. Why? Therefore, we are just a little the wrong way, instead of the jinn (referred to in this case is Muslim Jin-Pen) that we would meet, but other world nations vague and invisible. As a result, not our desire to be achieved, but the fatality and supernatural intrigue of misleading the nation that we will receive.

Regarding the meaning of nature itself, the way the scholars have written in several books. One of them, such as the opinion of Imam Bujeremi, in his book "IQNA". Bujeremi Imam wrote some of the natural levels of invisible creatures, starting with human nature, Ahmar, Abdul old-fashioned, Ahyar, Jin, Azrak, Khoarik, Thurobi, Barri, Adli, Sama ', Majazi, Angel, Jabarut, Qolam, and Throne.

Well, from the life of creatures residing in their respective nature, humans can only see or penetrate into the desired one if human nature itself is already enough knowledge and know-how to penetrate.

Let us return to the stages of penetrating the natural dimensions of the genie. Through the same explanation from the book "Manba" u Usulul Wisdom ", translated that any man could penetrate if the dimensions of human nature itself is the genie already mastered two natural as natural levels below it, ie, nature and natural Ahmar Abdul stagnant.

Ahmar Nature: A Natural inhabited millions of invisible beings who rule the earth and ocean. Ahmar also referred to as "The Subtle" that are still descendants of the human race through genealogy Anfus, son of Nabiyullah Syiet, is revealed through the era hyang. Are included in the group Natural Ahmar residents are: Nyi Roro Kidul, the Goddess of tapering, and the whole army.

Abdul old-fashioned: A nation of nature inhabited by invisible beings who rule the earth, rocks and trees. Abdul stagnant here also called "Evils". They also are still descendants of the human race from the time of Togog. Examples include: Kuntilanak, ghost, and other similar Perkayang.

Well, to be able to master both the physical universe, in every dimension of nature will penetrate the genie rituals, prepare an offering in the form: a garden flower, jasmine, roses and green coconuts. Things like this are presented to honor the nation Ahmar as Waseelah way.

While the nation to pass Abdul old-fashioned nature is suggested that the burning opium in the early apples jin want to start the ritual. Abdul undoubtedly old-fashioned nation will understand and not disrupt the procession ritual that we run.

To open the door genie own nature, one rituanya is to hold incense sprinkled white refined continuously. Only in the introduction into the nature spirits must be very careful. Especially who the names of Jinns themselves that we will meet.

On the other hand, we as humans must know, when it's time we perform a ritual, with verses what we call, where we entered through the door, and request what we want. For the nations of the jinn do not like people in general. They always wore full of rules and manners that will be discipline. They can also be said to be very temperamental and irritable when we the human race can not understand the nature of their properties.

As a caution, the nation's spirits here are divided into two groups, namely Abyad and Aswad (Jin White / Muslims and Jin Black / Pagan). In addition, the jinn consists of four characteristic behaviors, depending on the nature they occupy, namely: land, water, buildings, and space.

Of the four traits into their homes, all have received our differences in humans, both in terms of calling, read the verse or practice, or ritual offerings presented to them.

If we do not understand in detail about the rituals to penetrate into their nature, class or nation Jin Jin Black Kafir who will contribute to meeting us with a thousand tricks that are misleading. For example, we will hereafter diming-wealth, treasure, could attract inheritance and other abstruse matter which does not make sense.

In essence, our minds will continue to be harassed by a variety of tantalizing fantasy. Greeting us so fro, easy emotions, irritability, happy to close myself in my room, starry-eyed and will not receive any advice from others.

Not only that, black or faction jin Jin Kafir will also continue our encounter with tactics such as gentleness, and roles in goodness, like the magical figure of a teacher who really want to teach all his knowledge to us. Well, when it is like this happens, we've strayed far from the road which we previously expected. More fatal consequences, we can drift away from religious belief (Islam)

Just tips, if in a ritual in which we live so far, is often visited by beings from another dimension, then try to notice their arrival. If other creatures of this nature come to meet us from the front, rear, right or left side, do not avail of his arrival. Because such a way that their arrival had clearly indicated that they were a black group of the jinn or genie Kafir.

The Book of Wisdom itself Manba'u Usulul peeling, "Do you believe in occasional trickery of various supernatural beings who came from the four corners. Indeed, only one direction as they passed through our friend is right, namely through the top. "

Through this explanation one step, of course expected to be a material intropeksi us together, that true science is no instant this earth, unless we ourselves want to try in earnest to master it.

Now, for the last stage in penetrating the natural dimension jin, learn verses, ajian, or calling a mature practice. Because, all of which will determine our choice "to be able to pick, who (-Pen meaning of the jinn) that we will meet someday.

As basic materials, learn the meaning, naktu, letters, numbers, referrals and from which source. Can also through secret letters Abajadun. For confidential letters, Abajadun, includes 99 features, which included one of the secrets of nature spirits themselves. As example, having letter Alif number one. Keeper of the letter Alif is an angel named Tholthobausin, from his magical nation named Ahmar. Alif own verse from Al-Quddus. Unseen by the name of the nation was already clear Ahmar included in the category of the letter Alif.

So in essence, if we want to penetrate the delicate nature or natural Ahmar, then a lot by reading the verses of Al-Quddus, for a number of figures contained in the letter Alif. It shows the name of the destination, such as the name of Mother Queen of South falls on naktu: Yaa Adzim. If you want to call him, join the two asthma 'Ahmar and the Queen Mother and the name: Al-Quddus Yaa Adzim ... and so on.

Samples above are some of the many ways to penetrate the natural dimensions of the genie and there are thousands more ways that may not be mentioned one by one. In essence to penetrate the natural dimension jin depends on our own beliefs. Then how can it help us? We take the wise course that all of that to strengthen our confidence that once great and glorious secret, which was created by Allah SWT. It turns out humans are not created by myself, but interlinked with each other and all creatures have only one purpose of Return to Allah SWT. Amien ... ..

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