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History of Kampak

Kampak is one of Trenggalek District, East Java Province, Indonesia. Ax is located 18Km south of the town of Psychology. Ax surrounded Munjungan districts, Watulimo, Gandusari, Dongko and Karangan. Sub-ax majority hilly areas and plains only a small portion which is a river valley that split second. Livelihoods of rice farmers and the majority of other forest traders and civil servants. Because of the difficulty many young people seeking employment and better pemudinya migrate to big cities, outside of Java as well as to foreign countries to become migrant workers. Perhaps it is a place of history escape hatchet and not a friendly place for a living.

Origin of Kampak

According to the history of the search Kampak already exist and have been visited by human beings since the time of Pre-History. Many historical evidence which confirms that the Kampak had been a local man who never visited the Pre History among the rocks era Pre-History. But to arrive at Any Name Kampak came into use, until now no studies that lead to the origin of the name of the search Kampak. That there is so far just what this folktale from said Kampak. There are two versions according to folklore. The first meaning of the word Kampak is the Marauder which according to ancient Javanese language it means Kampak. Second-Ampak Ampak also from the ancient Javanese language, which means fog that covered the Dark Forest Kampak so that no one dares enter it. From this word are logically two actually was predictable. People antiquity famous miracle, let alone enter into the dark fog of a dark cave and jungle ordinary people do antiquity. Exception in the dark fog that there was something that might be the cause of the people do not dare enter the forest Kampak. The answer is closer to the truth of this theory is the Forest Kampak is a nest of robbers. Then Marauder from where and why must nest in the forest Kampak? Here are the piece of knowledge I will try my express. According to folklore, when the Dutch East Indies era still no one dares to give lodging to the benighted citizens of Kampak when traveling to areas or Ponorogo Tulungagung districts flanking Trenggalek. From here it was clear, indeed since the first Kampak was feared because Marauder Nest.

According to the inscription ever found in Kampak Source Ngudalan Karangrejo Hamlet Village Kampak, written by Mpu Sindok gratitude to the citizens had helped fight the fief Kampak citizens whose territory southward to the South Sea Land Tax Exempt received during his reign. Figures for the years stated in the inscription is 851 Syaka/929 AD, meaning that according to historical records it was the first time Mpu Year Sindok power. From here is obvious, since when words are used Kampak. Since there is an inscription that said Kampak are used with the word fief Kampak. So he explained Kampak age older than Trenggalek district name. Why Mpu Sindok fief named this region with a hatchet? Here's what I'm trying to express with my limited knowledge using knowledge as a native inner Kampak.

As a result of conflicts that continue to occur in the kingdom of Mataram, mpu Sindok recognize the need for a power / warrior / stealth soldiers are ready to defend the kingdom of Mataram from destruction. From the wanderings came Mpu Sindok in the lowlands which split two fruits in the valley of the river and the lives of hermits and people who are still little. Until here, mpu Sindok feel calm and peaceful life. In this valley of Mpu Sindok also deepen his inner knowledge to get closer to the Creator. Once is enough then he returned back to the center of Mataram Kingdom since that time she was still so Exaggerating the Kingdom. Mpu Sindok every chance to come to the valley Kampak to bring a little of his followers to be educated and trained in the Valley of the Hermitage Kampak to be a stealth force that could someday in the count. Why do I call Kampak Hermitage area because before the event G30 S many old stones depicting this area before the hermitage. Population about every event or pre / post harvest came to where the stones are to hold salvation.

Then came the onslaught of the Sriwijaya Kingdom and its allies in Java so that the kingdom of Mataram was devastated. It has long enmity with the Kingdom of Sriwijaya Mataram Kingdom since the defeat of the Rakai Pikatan Balaputradewa then fled to the Srivijaya and become king of Sriwijaya. Mpu kingdom Sindok and rulers who are still alive fled to the valley Kampak and prepare for terror to destroy the kingdom of Sriwijaya Dolls. Army-soldiers, consisting of residents Kampak,Kampak fief and the remnants of the Kingdom army Medang / Mataram began to spread terror with every Tribute Raiding / Tax which will be sent to the Kingdom of Sriwijaya Dolls. From now on that Kampak / robber began to be known everywhere for ferocity. Robberies goods are stored for subsequent struggle to uphold the Kingdom of the cost of Medang / Mataram back. No one dared to enter the territory of the Kampak because of the fog and the many pitfalls that at that time and Kampak feared by all who heard it the population of Java. Until at last great battle between the forces of Sriwijaya and Laskar Kampak / mpu Sindok Anjuk Ladang area (Nganjuk) and the victory achieved by the Mpu Sindok later immortalized in a plaque which is now a Day So Nganjuk, Nganjuk origin and designation.

After this victory Mpu Sindok, the entire retainer of Mataram and the remaining families of the soldiers and their goods Mataram kingdom pledged to find a new place for the New Royal Palace Medang / Mataram. Arrived at the Palace While Tamwlang was subsequently established and then moved again to Watugaluh / Megaluh (Jombang) Imperial Palace is where Medang / Mataram newly built and mpu New Wangsa Isyana Sindok use because it may indeed Mpu Sindok Wangsa Sanjaya is not included as its predecessor. Mpu title is Sri Icana Sindok Wikramadharmottunggadewa, with Royal Coat TRISULA reversed. Many heritage besides Mpu Sindok enshrinement inscriptions such a site at the foot of Mount Welirang Mojokerto which until now has not been studied by the ancients because it conflicts with the manager Tahura as forest area at the foot of Mount Welirang designated as a National Park.

From the description was presumably there is a link between the Kampak and the Inscription Inscription Anjuk Ladang and I think making the same inscription remembering the year of manufacture and historical. So if the parties wish to set Pemkab Trenggalek Anniversary Trenggalek older Kampak and the inscription of the stele Anjuk reference field so as currently used is the inscription on the Kamulan King Kertajaya from the kingdom of Kediri, but long before that Kampak fief had become an escape place mpu Sindok who must have had higher historical value. So in my opinion deserved Day Trenggalek (Kampak) is the same with Day of Nganjuk because according to the inscription of the Historic why is issued. Because the inscription Kampak no date and month of manufacture, then the reference is the inscription of the existing Anjuk Ladang date and month of manufacture.

Presumably disclosure above is a piece of history Kampak authors knowledge coupled with historical records, folklore, and though the author through the inner dimension of the past. There is less and the rest is for me as an ordinary man can not escape from one and forget. Writing on the least useful for all who want to explore the history of Kampak is not in any history book. This form of love for the author in the land of his birth and the population as a whole also Trenggalek, Kampak in general. Actually, the author of Historical Sites Kampak is the arrangement of the kingdom to help shape formed State of Indonesia today. Many sites on the Kampak are not revealed until the mystery, including the escape of King Airlangga who never reached the ax following the story Mpu Sindok ancestors who until now has not been revealed and may someday be revealed by the discovery of the historical record of the inscription (by author). ... Regards.

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