Minggu, 09 Mei 2010

Bali is Indonesia

Bali Paradise of the world. Bali Island of the Gods. Bali Garden of Eden of the world. Exotic Bali island. Bali's world. Bali is beautiful. Bali and its culture. Bali and beautiful beaches. Ads that's what I used to hear about Bali. And this is so before the tragedy Horror Bali Bali bombings. Bali as a magnet to all the world's population. All residents sucked into the center of the tourism industry Gianyar, Denpasar and Kuta. Velocity of money collected in the center of the tourism industry. It's so easy people do business and earn money in Bali. So the whole prosperity of both local and migrant population.

But all that has been passed. Now, since Tragedy Horror Bali bombings in Bali's tourism business turned around 180%. Now making money is so difficult in Bali. So I often heard from people today. Many people go from Bali because visitors are not as busy as before. Visitors have been transferred to other places in the world such as Thailand, Malaysia and others. However there are still visitors who come though not as busy as before.

There are not many visitors who knows, in a region where Bali? This question often confuses visitors mainly from Europe, America and other parts of Asia. Bali is the island and the province within the Unitary Republic of Indonesia. Maybe since the Bali bombing tragedy Horror, more or less the world's population knows that Bali is part of Indonesian territory. But still many who do not know. Indonesia is an archipelago country which has many tourist attractions and beautiful scenery than Bali. Bukittinggi (Gorges, Culture, Beaches), Java (Beaches, Ancient Temple Sites, Culture, etc.), Manado (Bunaken underwater scenery and culture), Lombok (Senggigi Beach and others) are now starting to rise, Komodo Island (Reftil rare world), Papua (Coastal and culture) and others. Many potential and alternative tourism and the landscape in Indonesia. Culture is also diverse because in Indonesia there are hundreds of local languages, hundreds of indigenous customs, dozens of tribes, religions and beliefs. Indonesia is a pluralistic country and everything was there including the abundant natural wealth. Indonesia is the truth of Heaven and the Pearl of the world. Indonesia is a country that has a high tolerance. The question that until now has not been answered is why the World's Largest Islamic Adherents are Indonesia, when Islam came from Arab countries?

Bali remains a beautiful and unique. Hopefully it will not happen again terror that humanity was not again in Bali, so that visitors can still enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of Bali. With many visitors who come to Bali will automatically increase the prosperity of both local and migrant population. Hopefully ... ....

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