Jumat, 30 April 2010

Tip: Sign Alexa Ranking

At first I was surfing, I often hear the Alexa ranking. Even so I'm not so-called attention to the Alexa ranking. Until a fad when I make blogs for free, of course. Finally it is also my blog every day even though I edit here and there but never mind, it's a new study. Say I make a new blog for the rest of seedlings ... .. It has not been there this month I made a blog. And it is also here and there I was dirty because I did not have a material and the mood to make his own writings. You know, this first experience that I also just opened a blog for myself, because I also blog I've never promotions everywhere. So what to do with Alexa? Well .... After I read the writing fellow bloggers, our blogs can be a source of income our fields with good governance fad Then try to list one of the sites to search for dollar purse. You know what one of the conditions, we should have a blog Alexa rank 1jt down. Jeez .... Let alone 1 million, I just look at my blog on the Alexa ranking has not been signed, which means No Rank, hehehe .... Finally, I look to the blog to know his friends, how to improve our ranking in Alexa? Finally there was the first I'm writing this from the original source of blogger friends and I take the core course. Indeed after the list on Alexa rankings I'm still around 10 million, but that's okay considering the age I was a new blog a few days.

So here's Alexa Ranking TIP SIGN:

1. Alexa Traffic

Alexa ranking is a ranking to decide how much traffic a website is visited that is the basis. So the better the traffic of a website means the website added popular. Determination is the determination Popularity Ranking website

2. Alexa Toolbar

Install Alexa Toolbar on your browser. He says could improve our blog rankings. Actually not just a blog / website from us, but the blog / website visited any of the Alexa toolbar installed browsers have some influence in improving ranking in Alexa. Logically each of our browsers with the Alexa toolbar, then we are automatically seen any links Alexa engine. So each day you visit your own blog already installed the Alexa toolbar in your browser, then the machine must Alexa talk like, 'who every day this blog entry, then I come on this blog rankings boost just as surely the popular' Hahaha ... ... If you want alexa toolbar installed click HERE

3. Alexa Widget

Put the Alexa site widget on websitemu Stat. Alexa stat this site contains javascript which deliver every visitor data (ping) to the servers so Alexa Alexa statistics become more accurate. Come in here and take the script and then copy / paste into your Blog / Website us.

.4. Alexa Blog / Content

Alexa wrote a post about the Blog / website that you like I do now. The goal is to Mbak Alexa glanced Blog / Website you. Thus will have added value to Blog / Websites you to improve rankings.

5. Blog / Website Toolbar

Finally replace the Address bar of your browser or browser's main cafe / office / address of your friend to Blog / Website ye. So each browser will pass Blog / Website you and automatically Blog / Website you will often be opened. Accordingly Blog / Website you will be more popular in the eyes of Alexa. So, Blog / Website you will be taken up quickly in the Alexa ranking.

Hopefully useful to all.

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